Ceramic Tiles







We are businessmen with creative longing. We are manufacturers with artistic inclination. We are entrepreneurs who enhance the value of space.

We are QUBIC, a company that crafts and delivers high quality Double Charged Vitrified Tiles for homes, offices and other constructions

Located at Morbi, the ceramic epicenter of India, we have the ability to serve our customers in terms of quality as well as quantity consistently and dependably. Our state of the art manufacturing facility rolls our trendy designs that are visualized in our design studio. After months of markets research and weeks of designing, rejecting and redesigning samples, we filter out and commercialize the most relevant designs for current and future markets to make spaces look exquisite.

Available in a plethora oflooks and feel, our tiles define the elegance ofyour floors. Embrace the power of creativity with our latest range.

With our core philosophy of “We Provide what we committed” we actually beat your expectation time to time, every time.


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